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Author Topic: 3 phase motor megger testing  (Read 8506 times)

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3 phase motor megger testing
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:36:42 AM »
I have a 3 phase motor   When testing with a megger do you only test from each winding to ground.
When I do a ohm meter test of the 6 wires I get a reading wirer  green 1&2.  9.7ohm       White  3&4.  9.7 ohm          Yellow  5&6   9.7 ohm readings .
This is the order in witch they wer connected to the terminal block.
When I connect any black wirer or white wirer in any order I get a ohm reading between 17 and 10 ohm  black to black or white to white black to white.
I do not under stand this layout.
Are all the wind endings going inside.
The windings do not go to earth.