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Title: Choosing a PIC programmer
Post by: D-the-Greek on December 14, 2011, 05:20:20 AM
Im new to electronics (i mean ive just now started to read some stuff and really get involved with).
I was always "testing" old radios etc.(crasy scientist experiments and destroying stuff)

Now i have searched and read some sites got some circuits and books (http://www.elektor.com/products/books/microcontrollers/pic-microcontrollers-uk.319368.lynkx (http://www.elektor.com/products/books/microcontrollers/pic-microcontrollers-uk.319368.lynkx)) and im getting ready to start.

It is PIC controller choosing time for me. Making my own for starters, getting a buildkit or a ready to go programmer ? questions questions questions...

 Ive found some of those but dont know which one shall i get for beginning. A open source circuit would be my actually first attemt so it would give me the first step into the world of PIC's.

http://www2.conrad.nl/goto.php?artikel=160402 (ofcource the famous pickit 3)

 Sorry for the sites that are in dutch but there are not in english language.

 A major problem that im facing is that the low cost pic programmers are not debuggers(at least that is what ive seen) I was just thinking to make a DIY pic programmer just to see if im getting into the spirit of electronics and then ill consider if i move forward to something bigger and versatile.

 Thank you for your time.
Title: Re: Choosing a PIC programmer
Post by: George on December 14, 2011, 11:14:35 AM
There was some discussion recently in DIY/Your Projects/Landing Pad project

Hvae a look at that thread, it may be of some help.


Title: Re: Choosing a PIC programmer
Post by: kam on December 15, 2011, 07:47:32 AM
pickit3 clone from ebay is a very good start. i use the ICD2 but i order myself a pickit3 for the low voltage pics.