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Title: Hi everyone Newbie here..linistepper pcb layout for toner transfer ?
Post by: HommerSimpson on May 27, 2012, 04:06:57 AM
New Member.. Looking around your site and internet.. Hiyas.. I go by Greg Or Hommer..I have been looking around for pcb layout all done ready to print out in the right size. Any help on that ? for linistepper v2 ? is that the latest ? I got a tb6560 5 axis off ebay and well.. it lasted a few seconds.. Now I think I will have to build what I need as cost is way to much to buy this stuff.. I have pretty much everything i need on hand and have mouser and digkey accounts.. so.. anyone know where i can download linistepper in the right size ready to reverse and print or all ready mirrored.. ?