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Your projects / Re: Closed Loop high frequency PWM PC Fan Controller
« Last post by oachalon on April 14, 2017, 05:55:48 AM »

My skills are introductory.  I understand what you are trying to provide, and i built your circuit exactly, but nothing worked.

Do you by chance have a version that works with a PIC16F series? 

In the Init you are clearing the interrupt, but i dont actually see your interrupt routine and i dont see any RETFIE when you leave the interrupt.  Its difficult for me to see exactly what is going on. 
General Discussion / Re: Which DC controller from pcbheaven projects should i choose ?
« Last post by Nocs on April 08, 2017, 00:31:56 AM »
Thank you for the response Giorgos  :) i am on my way to control my dc motors

Can any of your circuits control other types of motors such as hard drive motor with 3 pins or 4 pins, or bdlc motors abc connection style or does this motors requires anything else to make them spin with a potentiometer as a speed controller ?

Your projects / Re: Closed Loop high frequency PWM PC Fan Controller
« Last post by kam on April 07, 2017, 11:24:07 AM »
Do you have experience in PIC programming?
General Discussion / Re: Which DC controller from pcbheaven projects should i choose ?
« Last post by kam on April 07, 2017, 11:20:49 AM »
Hello Nocs,

It largely depends on the current of the motor. The linear controller is simple to make but may suffer from overheating if the current is high. Also, it does not have a good torque at low speeds. So I always suggest you go PWM, more specifically the High Frequency PWM Fan Controller
General Discussion / Re: Wondering about my PC fan
« Last post by kam on April 07, 2017, 11:18:09 AM »
It could be that the controller is bad. Or the hall sensor. Some controllers have this feature to stop the fan if they detect no rotation, to save the coils from overcurrent and destruction. So if it is ever clogged it will not be destroyed. In that case, if the hall sensor fails, the controller will think that the motor is blocked so it cuts the current.

In any case, yes, you need to replace the fan
General Discussion / Which DC controller from pcbheaven projects should i choose ?
« Last post by Nocs on April 03, 2017, 19:35:25 PM »
Hello Giorgos (tha grapso sta agglika kai ego opos oloi)
First of all congruts for your perfect website and projects and help you provide.

I am new to electronics after a long time of inactivity on them and making again some basic steps to refresh and make it again a hobby as i was having it from my earlier age.

I am trying to make a dc motor controller for a classic dc motor that i have from a frappe machine ^.^ classic greek, so i search around the net for the best solution.
The motor is rated from around 3 - 12 volts as i tested so i would like to give it 12 and control it with potensiometer.

Which should i choose to make it work at least with a potensiometer and later on i will try to find a way to make it with a dpdt switch to change the rotation leftward or rightward as i wanted to.

Thank you in advance Giorgos and ofcourse congruts for your nice and helpfull site. Like ^.^

General Discussion / Wondering about my PC fan
« Last post by Art on March 20, 2017, 16:00:27 PM »
From your website, Giorgios, I see that I have a 3-wire 12VDC power fan on my PC.    I understand the yellow wire is probably a signal that uses a Hall effect sensor to modulate the fan speed.   

The fan often stops.     If I hit its blade with a spurt of compressed air, it starts spinning again, but then stops a few seconds after I release the spray-can trigger.    Do you know of any way I can tell if the fan stops because the sensor is bad, or because the fan axis is clogged with dirt?
The room temperature is 25 deg.C.   So I think the fan should be rotating.  But it's not.
I am wondering if I need to replace the fan.  I already removed the panels from my PC so the hot air doesn't build up.

Analog discussion / LED Delayed Off Circuite 3 Volts
« Last post by Setesh82 on March 20, 2017, 03:20:02 AM »
I wish to make a delayed off circuit like the one that was created here.


I only require 1 or 2 LEDS and would like to power it using a cr2032.

What alterations would I need to make to the circuit?

Your projects / Closed Loop high frequency PWM PC Fan Controller
« Last post by oachalon on March 19, 2017, 23:18:33 PM »

Has anyone tried using the Closed Loop High Freqyency PWM PC Fan Controller located at:


I downloaded the assembly language, but i cannot get it to work at all.  The program will build and i can program to the PIC, but when i try to run it, nothing works.  I dont get any PWM signals out of the PIC at all.   

I am wondering if anyone has tested this to see if this does actually work.

General Discussion / Can someone tell me what kind of programmer I need?
« Last post by unkellsam on February 25, 2017, 00:09:52 AM »

I'm fairly new to PCBs, but I need to reprogram this board:


The chipset appears to be by Maxim, and the programmer connects to the 10-pin JP1 connection. Any help would be appreciated.

What kind of programmer and software would I need for this?
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