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Sand ART Hope you haven't see something like that because you will be amazed....


A talent show in a lot of places of the world called "Greece got's talent or America gots talent...etc this is from Ukraine A VERY BIG APPLAUSE TO THAT T-R-U-L-Y ARTIST!!!!!!!!!

This "story" is a part of their history. World War Two made millions of victims and vailliant soldiers sacrificed their lives......

Also another one with wonderfull music in backround!!!!!!!!

when it gets to art, is am totally handicap. I barely can draw a "humanoid" like person with lines and circles. but i take comfort from the fact that at least, i can calculate the total area that this human occupies, and draw an equivalent geometrical structure with rule and compass...

 ;D  ;D  ;D Also i have seen a guy that "paints" to dusted cars!!!!!! when i find the photos i will give links!


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