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Go snowball go go go go!!!!!! ;-)


I have a parrot.She "Rea" is cockatiel and i love her and admire her a lot.....Parrots are extremely intelligent birds!!!!!!My rea is tame and every day does something different that amazes me!!!!Ιf you don't have one then you might consider of having one they are excellent social birds and they make strong bonds with people......
Take a look of a parrot who is very famous and does an amazing and sycronized DANCE!!!!!!

cockatiels are some kind of progeny of cockatoos....I can't find a video that scientists explain how the parrot can be so synchronized!!!!!!The explanation???They share a part of our brain!!!!!They have a similar part of our brain that can make them dance synchronized!!!!!!!
also another one named Frostie (not cockatoo)but with a more difficult song to syncronize....But he is also unbelievable!!!!!


that last bird is absolutely soul man!  8) 8) 8) a black suit and some black glasses is what it lacks of. can rea dance?

unfortunately no....She dance sometimes but without syncronanization.I am trying to learn her tricks but when she obstinates it becomes difficult.....(Women!!!!!!!!!) ;)


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