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Cursed Poverty.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look of what they found in Ben Ali's palace......

Only the first closet can save Greece from the economical crisis that goes on..... 8)
Please watch all of it and leave here your considerations...... ::)

D A M N!!!!

there is a 500 Euro bill??? ??? ??? Never seen one. :-\ :-\  This brick of 500 Euros is real or just monopoly money? these must be at least 1000 bills of 500... Half a million euro! Shit!  :o

porka miseria  ;D

There is no closet in the palace without a billion in it!!!!!Did you see the swarofski jewels?What to say.... some people starve and some others don't know what to do with...

there is one slight problem with Modern Money Mechanics. In order for the mechanism to operate, the 95% of the world's wealth must be in the hands of the 3% of the population... I suppose this video shows a man who belongs to the 3%.

But don't worry. There is a bright side to that. We all belong to the majority!!! (97 %)  ;D ;D ;D


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