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Very funny dialog(Americans......)


The following dialogue between Americans and Spanish is REAL according to those who leaked the record by
the channel 106 (Finisterra / Galicia) Marine Communications..

Here is A-835 to avoid impact, please change your course 15 degrees north. You are currently located 25
nautical miles away and heading right to us.
You change your course 15 degrees south.
Negative! Again, change course 15 degrees, 15 degrees north.
You are speaking with the captain of the U.S Montana, immediately change your course 15 degrees south.
Your suggestion is neither logical and feasible.
If you do not want to crash on us, change your course 15 degrees north.
(With raised voice) This is captain Richard James Howard USS board Montana, the second largest aircraft carrier
fleet in the U.S...
We have with us two destroyers, four fighter aircraft and four submarines. In addition we are supported by cruisers.
I make the suggestions, and not taking orders or suggestions by you!!!!!
Change course 15 degrees south, otherwise we will take all necessary steps for the safety of our fleet.
Immediately change YOUR course!!!!!!

This is Juan Manuel Salas Alcantara, here are two people.
We have a dog with us, our evening meal, two bottles of beer and a canary.
The canary is sleeping at this moment.
In addition to our support we have the radio station Cadena Dial de La Coruna.
We speak from the lighthouse with number A-835 of the Spanish coast Finisterra Galicia and notify you that we
DO NOT intend to move!
We have no idea if we are the largest or the smallest lighthouse on the Spanish coast. You can take all the Fu**i*g
actions necessary for the safety of your crew and your Fu**i*g boat, where i repeat you that goes ahead to our
rocky shores....
But still we insist and tell you to change your course 15 degrees north.
OK, understood, thank you ......

Looooooooooooool    ;D ;D ;D

This, I DO believe!


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