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Security alarm - ON/OFF lamps - Irrigation - Work alarm. All these with PLC

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This is  my home project, i use one PLC ( mitsubishi a controller).
I have four operations with one PLC.
The display of PLC have 4 lines,one for each operation and every line of push buttons for each programm.
1. the first operation (1st line ) is a security alarm with two zones.To activate the  alarm i use the push button in the first line of buttons ( i push for three seconds )
2. The second operation is for switch on/off six lamps in my garden . I use two buttons ( the second line of push buttons ). With one push button i choose the lamp  ( 1 to 6 ) and with other i swich on or swich off.
3. The third operation is for auto or manual irrigation . I use two push buttons ( third line of push buttons ) . i have one push button for auto operation and one for manual operation ( for irrigation i use one electromagnetic valve ).
4.  The fourth operation is a working alarm.I use 4 buttons each alarm i want to use. Two for morning one for evening and one for night. I use one remote push button near my bed with a buzzer. Ever time i have alarm energise the buzzer.With remote push button i can stop it.after five minutes the buzzer energises again. I can stop it for three times , after the third time i can not stop it and i must wake up and stop it from the central panel only.
I sent one photo with this panel. I hope that you can see this photo.


This is  one photo with the external palel . Inside  i have all the connections with the lamps , the electromagnetic valve , the horn of security alarm . You can see also the relays , a power supply unit e.t.c.

Nice project man!
But in my humble opinion all this can be done with a pc, nevertheless it's a good project.
Can you add more photos of the connections and stuff?

lol Great work  :o :o :o :o :o  8) 8) 8) 8)

Funny with the snooze mode of the alarm!

And all done by PLC?
Can you upload more info like the schematic drawing and the code of the PLC?

Oh and of course, you earn the prize of the first uploaded project ever on PCB Heaven!



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