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Security alarm - ON/OFF lamps - Irrigation - Work alarm. All these with PLC

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Here i have a photo of the remote "stop horn" for work alarm. Inside of the box there is also one buzzer.

I saw that i have more space for photos . Take.......

Good work, keep posting!


A whole 3feet construction for an alarm!

It does not matter. It matters that it works! Good work man! ;)

Come on, this is a really good way to wake up. I usually am late in the morning. The idea with the remote button is very good.

I would upgrade the whole construction with a human proximity sensor and a hydraulic valve. If the 3rd time you do not wake up and you approach the console to shut the alarm down, the proximity would see you and open the hydraulic valve that is connected to the water pipe it would give you a nice quick morning COLD shower...

Sound nice to me!


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