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So school started so we got students from 4th year of high school for practical class at the power plant, more or less they are uninterested and know nothing but there is one special case.

Namely one day i told him to make me coffee, he took the coffee maker and couldn't find the socket to plug it so he searched and found 3 phase socket he tried to plug it in ofcourse it didn't work but this guy is genius he bent the plug to fit and he turned on the machine and bam thing exploded, melted plastic got stuck on the ceiling, i ran there to see what happened and i was glad he was ok couldn't believe the stupidity of this kid hes 4th year of electronics .... and im supposed to teach him something ....

don't know if this is sad or funny but we laughed at the office at the end of the day and i gave him gentle slap behind his head i couldn't help my self

maybe he was trying to express: "Do not give me bullshit tasks like making coffe"

i bet that this guy had totally ruined his PS2 keyboard port when he bought his first USB keyboard....

This definitely seems to be a problem with our (we'll most) education systems, we are training academics NOT engineers, I always held the view that I would hire someone from a Technical college over someone from a University. However, there are still a few educational institutions that mandate actual real world industry experience as part of their courses.

well the school we are getting kids from is called Nikola Tesla like every second school here in Serbia, but this one is so bad that half of people i know call it Nikola Texas, i really want to teach these kids something but they missed so much basics and the job itself is pressing me i don't even have time to check my favourite youtube channels

but its not all that black there is a girl she knows stuff better then i did her age definetlly a Uni quality its nice for a change to talk to someone that actually gets what u talking about and i talked a bit about her plans after 4th year and she said thats it for her because of finances so i asked would u wish to study electronics at Uni she said yes so i went trou the trouble to talk with financial director to see if a power plant can finance her Uni and they are willing to do me a favour and i would be glad if they can find a budget in normal country this would be done without me having to talk to anyone Serbia is so fucked up atm


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