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Things in schools are somewhat same here in Greece (or worst). Kids have no interest at all to learn for they dont know what they're missing about. I really feel so sorry for them, because they may never discover that feeling of success for something that they made by themselves. Worst, teachers belong to the "government payroll" which means that no matter what, no matter if it rains elephants or if a comet the size of China falls right in the center of Acropolis, these people will get their full salary (what usually is called "free education"). What happens is that teachers get lazy, and since children don't wanna learn, they don't bother teaching. They just go inside, blah blah blah nonsense and the story ends short. Teachers like you are extremely rare in my country. Unfortunately, throughout my entire school years (including the years in the institute of technology) i never had the chance to meet such a teacher/professor...


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