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Author Topic: Problems with the 555 LED Pulse project  (Read 3787 times)

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Problems with the 555 LED Pulse project
« on: September 26, 2012, 14:52:30 PM »
Hey guys,

I'm doing the 555 LED pulse project, but I have my problems.

All of the circuit is fine as far as I can see, the problem is that by using the website's DIY Guide Project ( http://www.pcbheaven.com/scripts/imagepresent.php?filename=/userpages/images/Flexible_LED_Pulsing_Circuit_6.png ) I'm unable to get a normal pulsating LED.

By Turning R6 and decreasing the power, I can then use R2 to get the LEDs to blink from insanely fast to just fast, but all the other resistors do nothing.

What could be the problem? I'm using an 12V 2Amps power supply and only 2 LEDs atm (was planning to get 16). Could that be it? The power supply inside is ticking, so maybe its short circuiting? Or could that be that my project is short circuiting somewhere?

I checked the voltage in most parts it's pulsating very nicely, but as the main LED output goes let's say I've set R6 at 7V~, so it goes from 6.9 to 7.2 insanely fast, and that's it.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: Problems with the 555 LED Pulse project
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 20:41:39 PM »
Most obviously, the problem is that you have wrong connection on the 555. R6 has absolutely nothing to do with blinking rate,not a chance.