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Author Topic: Smart card reader needed for Phonecards and mostly software ..  (Read 1589 times)

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Smart card reader needed for Phonecards and mostly software ..
« on: November 24, 2012, 18:21:32 PM »
we were impresse of your reader especially we saw phonecards in the demo ..

We have a eeprom based independant reader made in France , but it is outdated and no more sold
 and we look for something USB based..

We look for a device, but I think we can use any simple card reader device as an ACR-38 by example .. which is for example used in Belgium to read Electronic ID card .. it's a simple and well known reader ..

what we need is a software accessign the Phonecard , and READ ONLY the contents of the card .
We need to know the Country of issue, the Units originally on the card, the Units left on the card and the serial number from the card .. something like picture inserted .;

I see your youtube demo , which is quite impressive, but maybe too complicated .
Insert 1 card
Read 1 card
GET HEX string of contents which will be decoded .. (we can do it or maybe you already have some code for Greec cards ?)
Close card  ..

what we need is some software to start with ..
as we are not electronicians , we don't know about sync,T0,T1 .. but I can write some software .. if I have the reading results..

The aim is to get a software (i will write) to read any phone-chipcard
and telling what it is , the country , the value, the remaining units, and the serialnumber ..

W H O  can HELP to get started ?

Jan Van Rossum (Belgium)
and Marino Marcos (Greece)



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Re: Smart card reader needed for Phonecards and mostly software ..
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2012, 10:13:03 AM »
It is not very easy to determine the country since the codes have change at least twice as far as i know. So even if you have a database with the country code, you may find it obsolete then next year. You can only get the data from the chip and use them with an external database. I have one circuit already prepared for this job (http://www.pcbheaven.com/userpages/PIC_Smartcard_Phonecard_Reader)