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Author Topic: Selecting Resistors and Caps of Astable 555 Timer  (Read 17379 times)

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Selecting Resistors and Caps of Astable 555 Timer
« on: December 22, 2016, 22:33:27 PM »
I've used the calculators many times for 555 Astable circuits often with good results.

This morning I ran into a 40Hz problem where all calculators agree on the 3 components, including even a hand calculation and I have to use a capacitor that is way different from what the calculations say.

To get about 42 Hz, I have in the circuit R1 6.8K, R2 22K C 4.7uf

All calculations say this give a frequency of 6Hz

Holding the resistors constant, to get 42 Hz, the calculators say C should be .68 uf.

Almost 1 order of magnitude difference.

What am I not understanding?