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Closed Loop high frequency PWM PC Fan Controller



Has anyone tried using the Closed Loop High Freqyency PWM PC Fan Controller located at:

I downloaded the assembly language, but i cannot get it to work at all.  The program will build and i can program to the PIC, but when i try to run it, nothing works.  I dont get any PWM signals out of the PIC at all.   

I am wondering if anyone has tested this to see if this does actually work.


Do you have experience in PIC programming?


My skills are introductory.  I understand what you are trying to provide, and i built your circuit exactly, but nothing worked.

Do you by chance have a version that works with a PIC16F series? 

In the Init you are clearing the interrupt, but i dont actually see your interrupt routine and i dont see any RETFIE when you leave the interrupt.  Its difficult for me to see exactly what is going on. 

I do not use interrupts, that is why you see no RETFIE.
When compiling, do you get any error messages?
Also, make sure that the configuration word is active:

Or let MPLAB set the configuration as per the above line.


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