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Author Topic: CNC Machines - Reposition origin point G92  (Read 5492 times)

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CNC Machines - Reposition origin point G92
« on: August 24, 2008, 13:13:12 PM »
In previous theory we analyzed what WCS means. Using different WCS, we can have different program zero points and this will make our life easier. To make it even easier, controllers are equipped with another function to move dynamically the zero point during program runtime. This is done using g-code G92 as follows:

G92 X10 Y10 Z0

The above code will reposition the origin point 10mm on the X axis and 10mm on the Y axis.

Important notice: You should not confuse the origin reposition G92 with WCS select G54-G59. G92 will give an offset to the zero point in respect to the WCS currently selected. Functions G54-G59 are pre defined and during program runtime you can only select one. Do change an axis offset for G54-G59, you must go to controller settings.

Here is a program example for G92 command:

Code: [Select]
N1 G90 G21 G54 ; Absolute programming, metric units, WCS 1 select
N2 G0 X10 Y10 Z30
N3 G1 Z0 F10000
N4 G92 X100 Y100 Z0 ;Set a new origin point offset @ 100,100
N5 G1 X10 Y10
N6 G0 Z30
N7 G92 X0 Y0 Z0 ; Reset origin point offset

The program result is shown in the attached file p11.jpg. The line will start from point 10,10 (line N2). Then, the origin point is translated by 100 on X-axis and 100 on Y-axis. The end of the line is again at point 10,10 but this time, due to the origin offset, the point end of the line goes to 10+100 for X and 10+100 for Y in respect to the WCS selected.
It is important, as shown at line N7, to reset (bring to zero) any origin point reposition that has taken place. This is done again with command G92 but parameters XY and Z are zero.