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New powerless fans

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This is something new!

New powerless fans that they suppose to cool cpu. Check the how it works video here and look at the foto. I really do not like the idea much.

I think this is the stirling engine cycle. It is very familiar. check the link.

It is definitely a stirling engine. Actually, as hot as the CPU gets, the most faster it runs. But i do not know if it is efficient enough when the outside temperature is high, because it uses the outside temperature to move. Actually, it uses the temperature difference.

I would wait a couple of years until i would use it. I prefer some electro-moved gizmos!

You should be more trustfull to new products. I do not beleive that they would sell a product without having it under test. I beleive it is reliable.

People i've seen that gadget and it really works. Actually is not something new. It was discoveres many years ago, but now MSI put it to work!


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