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How to move a plane

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Answer this if you can.
By car, train, call superman :) ?
No, it's more simpler, by helicopter! Yes by heli and by plane we don't mean a small one, don't believe?
Check for yourself!

Is the plane tiny or the heli huge? Because they look of the same size in the picture...  :P

You can tell that chopper is taxed though, Look at the upward bend on the rotors  ;)

Don't know if i'm correct, but i think the heli is a Mil Mi-26 Halo the biggest operational helicopter of the world.
We're talking about 32m rotor diameter and up to 20 tons of carrying capacity, sizes similar to Hercules C-130 plane or more!
And the blades are supposed to be that way with or without load.
About the plane i don't know but for sure isn't a Chesna  ;D.

those russians always wants to impress with huge-ness . Nobody told them so far that "size does not matter" :D


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