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Jet bicycle?


Yep. a madman attached 2! pulse jet engines in his bicycle (lol) and achieved 73mph!
In a completely deserted road i might give it a try. :)

source: wired

now... imagine this... you are stopped for the traffic light to become green, on your right there is a SUV, and through it's windows you see that a lady is on a bike giving you the finger and laughing. You are on your 1000 and you think that when the light becomes green, you will go 30 meters in front of her, easy for your 1000, and you will wait, and when she passes, you kick the hell out of her.

And the light becomes green....

and you see her t-shirt writing "Kiss My @$$" on the back side...............


I'd take it for a spin ;)  It's the whole stopping thing I wonder about LoL

lol... stopping.... i didnt think of it...  ::)

Take to Flat salts!  ;D


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