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A company called Zero builds electric bikes that promise to be better than gas ones.
Their smaller model is equivalent in hp to a 250 c.c. and with better torque.
Time will say if they're gonna be a hit, for sure i'd like to test one.  :)

source: wired

My rm with sx setup had smaller rear gear than this! did you see the size of that gear? LOL

151 pounds weight and the battery pounds. and 23 big ones for crying out loud! I hope those people will die, burn the documents and bury this useless piece of junk back to where it belong. 

Don't be mean, maybe it is a bad start but wait untill you see the finish.  ;)

that's the point. I want to see NO finish with this piece of junk, this bad replica of supercharged mobile with wheels.
 The EU wants no more 2T? Ok, i will have one but ok, i comply with the rules of the EU, although i WILL own one....
But hey, come on now! How would be a life without this distinctive single cylinder brutal gun shooting sound? Imagine two mates, standing on the traffic light, waiting for the green, one is riding a DC 24V twin battery super capacitor motorcycle, and the other is riding a 68V AC inverter driven 3Phase motorcycle. The light becomes green, and it COULD be that they run like hell, but instead of listening to the harmonics of the 2nd cylinder that is a little bit under-supplied than the first, they listen a "BEEP" from their control indicates that a gear up should be shifted.


Loooooooooooooooooooooool, ok i also want some CR 500's and some RG's running crazy around the city but i still will give a chance to this.


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