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James, yellow pills please
posted May 28 2010 17:36.48

James is a robot build in the university of technology in Vienna, it is meant to help on all daily purposes in household enviroment. Based on a scalable platform with a payload of 150kg and a top speed of 5km/h can easily adopt to any market need. In the video you can see james interfacing with humans through an iphone and voice commands but is also capable of having a light weight 7 DOF robot arm. Project details can be found here.

[Link: Vienna University of technology]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   inventions   mechanical   

Automatic Take Off, Tracking and Landing of a Miniature UAV on a Moving Carrier Vehicle
posted May 27 2010 14:19.57

Karl Engelbert Wenzel
, Andreas Masselli and Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell demonstrate a different visual tracking approach by using low-cost, lightweight commodity consumer hardware. As main sensor they use a Wii remote infrared (IR) camera, which allows robust tracking of a pattern of IR lights in conditions without direct sunlight. The system does not need to communicate with the ground vehicle and works with an onboard 8-bit microcontroller.This ena...

[Link: University of Tübingen]
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Tags: electronic project   inventions   accelerometer   microcontroller   Wii   

DIY liquid nitrogen generator
posted May 27 2010 13:46.52

Ben Krasnow made a liquid nitrogen generator from parts bought on eBay, the parts wasn't easy to be found and took Ben over a year of searching but he proved that it can be done and the whole cost was under $500.
The device con...

[Link: Ben Krasnow]
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Tags: crazy hack   diy   inventions   chemistry   

New Laser Zaps Mosquitoes in SlowMotion
posted May 23 2010 16:58.04

Intellectual Ventures made a project to help fight malaria. They decided to build a laser that can recognize the female mosquitoes (the ones that carry malaria) and zap them in mid-air. It is a rather different approach on pest control but if it works and helps then is welcomed.

[Via: National Geographic]    [Link]
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Tags: inventions   slow motion   

Controlling a Hand Drill with Arduino to Spool Solder
posted May 20 2010 6:40.28

CuriousInventor made with an arduino, a hand drill and some servos a device to spool solder or what ever you like to, like motor windings etc. The device is accurate thanks to the homemade encoder and can be programmed in terms of speed and number of turns. Not the most usefull project you think but try to remember how many times you needed to do this work by hand. More info can be found here.

[Link: curiousinventor]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   rc servo   arduino   microcontroller   mechanical   inventions   

Smart Blocks
posted May 19 2010 21:40.33

Shenwei Liu & Hang Li made these smart blocks for their INFO4320 Final Project. Blocks are 3D printed boxes filled with accelerometeters, wireless cards, microcontrollers and IR sensors that can sense one the other, communicate, control each other and respond to hand gestures. They can act as photo frames, memo pads, share the same canvas and communicate with real time update to create a simple game for two. Watch the video for all appications of this excellent project.

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Tags: accelerometer   inventions   arduino   microcontroller   wireless   electronic project   touch screen   

Alieneye LED Mtn Bike light
posted May 18 2010 13:44.28

Alieneye is a 5w LED light capable of mounting into various places and completely waterproof. The best thing is that is constructed with easy to find materials and except is sold as kit you can make your own by following the instructions provided here and a series of how-to videos found here.

[Link: alieneye]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   led   battery   inventions   

Magic table
posted April 26 2010 4:40.52 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I found this idea very funny, and it could be practical as well. Half of the table will rotate 180 degrees, but the staff that are on it will not fall, instead... watch the video!

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Tags: crazy hack   diy   inventions   mechanical   

Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) transmission
posted April 22 2010 17:01.32

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. made a continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission called NuVinci, the NuVinci transmission uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission that tilt to vary the speed of the transmission.

[Link: Fallbrook Technologies Inc.]
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Tags: inventions   

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