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Time for Science [daily updated]

X-Men 's Cyclops style laser glasses [Project]
posted March 30 2014 21:13.48 by spic0m

Patrick Priebe, aka AnselmoFanZero in youtube showcasing his latest creation, an X-Men 's Cyclops style laser glasses with red pointers and blue burning[...more]

[Link: Lazer Gadgets]
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Animation basics: The art of timing and spacing [Education]
posted March 30 2014 21:06.22 by spic0m

Expert timing and spacing is what separates a slide show from a truly amazing animation. TED-Ed demonstrates, by manipulating various bouncing balls, how[...more]

[Link: TED-Ed]
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100W Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit [Project]
posted March 30 2014 21:03.51 by spic0m

A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces audio signals of low frequencies. The first subwoofer amplifier was developed in 1970 by Ken Kreisler. It[...more]

[Link: Electronicshub]
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How do figure skaters exploit Newtonian physics when they spin? [Science]
posted March 30 2014 20:59.44 by spic0m

Legendary MIT physics professor Walter Lewin describes some of the science that was in action during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In less than 100 seconds[...more]

[Link: Physics World]
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Advanced touch sensing with Arduino [Project]
posted March 27 2014 21:56.05 by spic0m

Disney Research lab designed a novel way to detect touch[...more]

[Link: instructables]
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Does Volts or Amps Kill You? Voltage, Current and Resistance [Education]
posted March 27 2014 21:50.49 by spic0m

There's a saying that "it's not the volts that kills you, it's the amps" and while that's true in a way, you can't have[...more]

[Link: RimstarOrg]
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IBM chip *actually* works like a brain and it's incredible [Innovation]
posted March 27 2014 21:47.12 by spic0m

IBM have revealed details of a new chip which uses nano-fluids in the same way the synapses of the brain work. Rather than simple on/off switches, the[...more]

[Link: This Is Genius]
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How Big Is The Universe? [Education]
posted March 27 2014 21:43.39 by spic0m

How big is the universe? An animation explaining key concepts about our universe, with humour, helping to explain the "almost" unexplainable![...more]

[Link: vimeo]
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All the Science Behind Weight Loss [Biology]
posted March 27 2014 14:40.42 by Giorgos Lazaridis

You really want to lose some weight? Ok, that can be done, but where will this weight go? Most people don't know, I didn't. This video explains[...more]

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