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Laser trigger for camera via Arduino
posted April 26 2010 14:13.20

isharq builded a nice and simple laser trigger for his camera with an arduino duemilanove. Triggering just the camera is only a start i think. :) Here rest the details.

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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   laser   arduino   

Simple laser spirograph
posted April 15 2010 18:54.11

buzbee1 makes a laser spirograph with some cheap laser pointer and a couple of small dc motors. Make a couple of those and spice up your parties.

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Tags: diy   laser   

How to Make a Burning Laser
posted April 14 2010 18:07.39

Reisyboy shows us how to hack a simple pointer laser to a match lighting one. Does not apply to all laser pointers but to most of them.

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Tags: laser   diy   

How to build a High Powered Burning Blue/Violet Laser Pointer
posted April 9 2010 13:27.46

Lasers are dangerous but also extremely fun to play with. Styropyro has a very good tutorial on how to build one that suits your burning needs. There are step by step instructions acompanied with vendor and materials list. Have fun but always remember that lasers can be very dangerous to your health or others if us...

[Link: styropyro]
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Tags: electronic project   laser   diy   

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