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The Autonomous Drifter
posted April 12 2010 6:10.23

Chris from pyroelectro combined a microcontroller an rc car and a pc to end up with a pc remote controlled rc. The car itself is not altered but only its remote control.
There are 2 modes of operation manual and auto. Complete how-to schematics and code can be found here.

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Tags: computer peripheral hacks   remote control (RC)   microcontroller   

How to program a remote control car with a 16F84 PIC
posted April 10 2010 8:13.03

GuySoft shows a nice way of cotrolling a toy remote controll car with some coding in a PIC microcontroller.
In his blog you can see more detailed explanation and also the code used.

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Tags: electronic project   remote control (RC)   pic   

Remote car engine start using Cell Phone
posted April 10 2010 6:15.25 by Giorgos Lazaridis

A simple method to start your care remotely. This dude has used the output from the pager/vibrator to control the start circuit. During an incoming ring, the pager will send a pulse to the circuit. If 2 pulses are sent within 3 seconds, then the engine will start. Same sequence for shutting down the engine.

[Via: engadget]    [Link: Dave Hacks]
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Tags: cell phone hacks   electronic project   remote control (RC)   auto/moto   

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