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Do you know the cohere [Wireless energy]
posted December 22 2010 19:25.43 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The coherer was a primitive form of radio signal detector, invented by scientist Edouard Branly around 1890. It is nothing more than two electrodes...

[Link: gilbondfac]
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Tags: electronic project   physics   chemistry   diy   antenna   wireless   inventions   experiments   science   

The first Video Game ever - Remake
posted December 15 2010 19:35.02 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Back in 1958 at Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island, NY, Willy Higinbotham was looking the screen of an oscilloscope and he saw something beyond the waveforms. Together with...

[Link: scienceblogs]
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Tags: electronic project   gaming   inventions   games and fun   articles   

The running biped robot
posted December 14 2010 7:11.37 by Giorgos Lazaridis

It looks like as it has come directly from a Start Wars movie. Although is is not prepared for the Olympics, it is quite promising. A Japanese researcher named Ryuma Niiyama is...

[Link: Ryuma Niiyama]
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Tags: autonomous   pneumatic   science   experiments   articles   inventions   mechanical   research   robot   physics   

Vehicle road-trains: The SARTE project drives is close
posted December 14 2010 6:21.57 by Giorgos Lazaridis

What is the SARTE project? Suppose that you are on the highway and your car is equipped with the SARTE system. Then, you find a SARTE lead truck in front of you, running at 90 mph...

[Via: gizmag]    [Link: SARTE project]
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Tags: auto/moto   remote control (RC)   commercial   research   inventions   wireless   articles   environment   autonomous   health & nature   green   science   

Snake-bot crowls through narrow pipe and climbs pole
posted December 11 2010 21:44.37 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Here is an interesting robot that you don't see every day. Made from the CMU biorobotics lab, meet the snake bot, a modular tele-operated snake robot, with incredible capabilities...

[Link: CMU]
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Tags: robot   research   mechanical   inventions   

Tiny mechanical bugs to change warfare - The MAVs
posted December 8 2010 19:48.34 by Giorgos Lazaridis

It is not a science fiction any more. It has rather become a scientific target. Meet the MAVs, the Micro Air Vehicles that will change intelligence and warfare...

[Via: The Register]    [Link: docdetroit2006]
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Tags: robot   remote control (RC)   wireless   inventions   research   science   autonomous   mav   warfare   

3D printed chairs
posted December 3 2010 7:07.48 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Dirk Vander Kooij is taking scaled the 3D printing process as we know, into higher scale. He used a robotic arm and attached a mechanism that melts recycled plastic and makes an endless...

[Via: Make]    [Link: dirkvanderkooij]
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Tags: robot   mechanical   inventions   3D printing   artistic   recycling   

Household green power plants are near
posted December 3 2010 6:30.01 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The Danish company Dantherm Power announced recently that Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) plants will be produced in small sizes for private homes. These environmental friendly power stations will be ready within a few years. They can act as power generator or power buffers (batteries) for other renewable non-continuous power sources such as wind or solar. An SOFC is a device that produces electricity from oxidation of a fuel, such as natural gas. Its theoretical efficiency is about 60%. Because the reaction produces also a lot of heat, it can also be used to produce hot water for the heating system, which increases the efficiency more. Read the original article here.

[Via: gizmag]    [Link: Dantherm Power]
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Tags: green   science   environment   new materials   experiments   research   inventions   

Scientists found the Elixir Of Life for mice - soon for humans
posted December 1 2010 21:41.18 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Harvard scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, made an incredible discovery: They managed for the first time to partially reverse age-related degeneration in mice. They...

[Via: guardian]    [Link: Harvard]
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Tags: science   animals   health & nature   experiments   articles   inventions   research   chemistry   

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