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Fullbody Super Mario controller - Kinect to NES hack
posted November 26 2010 13:33.10 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Another XBOX 360 Kinect hack. Yankeyan did this to celebrate the 25 years of super Mario. He interfaced the Kinect to his PC, and programmed it to recognize his motions. In order for Mario to jump, yankeyan jumps as well, and in order for Mario to duck, yankeyan ducks! He did not choose to simulate a keypad in front of him although it would be easier, instead he chose full body motion because it fits better to the spirit of Kinect. He uses the OpenKinect drivers and runs Mario on FCEUX NES emulator.

[Link: yankeyan]
Tags: crazy hack   kinect   mods   games and fun   gaming   8-bits   arcade   

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