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Candy Sorting Machine [Project]
posted July 21 2014 13:57.38 by spic0m

Sean Hodgins found the ideal gift for his girlfriend, only problem was he had to made it from scratch:

"Every so often while browsing the internet I will come across a project that I absolutely have to make. When I stumbled upon IVC's Candy Sorting Machine, this was absolutely the case. When my girlfriend eats skittles, she does so by colour - don't ask me why, she just does it that way. When I watched the video of the candy sorting machine on YouTube, I knew it was going to be the perfect gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. Since this was going to be a gift for someone I really wanted to create it as if it was a consumer product in terms of design. I wanted it to be simple to use and designed so anyone can just turn it on and and it will sort."

[Link: Idle Hands Project Archives]

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