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Disable the RFID of new Debit Cards [Hack]
posted September 4 2014 9:43.34 by Giorgos Lazaridis

A man walks into a bank, and immediately the banker knows... This is not a joke though. If you receive a new debit card from your bank most likely it has a built in RFID transducer. If you haven't received a new one, you will shortly.
This new feature is used to our convenient, so that the consumer can make payments for small purchases quickly and wirelessly over a short distance without even having to enter a pin. BUT, one may not like this feature. For example James Williamson faced a problem with the access card at his work. This new debid card was messing with the system, sometimes sending false data.

Other examples: Conspiracy theory dictates that there can always be some conspiracy hidden behind. After all, I've met people myself who believe that the moon is a spaceship and large rockets are placed at the far side used to maintain the moon in orbit... Yes, that's a true story! So i bet that there are definitely people who will love this hack!

So, how to disable it. Its absolutely simple:
Make a cut 5 mm deep anywhere around the debit card or snip off a corner. This will break the antenna path and stop power to the chip when held near a reader.


[Link: instructables]

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