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The Inventions of Nikola Tesla in 3D animation
posted February 22 2011 21:03.54 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The Tesla coil is one of the numerous inventions that most probably you know. But did you know that the electric fan was also a patented invention by him as well? What about the turbine? The remote controlled vessel? Well, i strongly suggest you see this artistic 3D video animation:

A collaborative animation reel created by students from multiple departments at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to showcase historical and futuristic Tesla inventions on display at the 2nd Annual Tesla Conference weekend, July 2010, hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation.

[Via: kuriositas]    [Link: The Tesla Science Foundation]
Tags: physics   tesla coil   high voltage   inventions   history   documentary   innovations   animation   3D media   

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