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Home Built Bench Power Supply [Project]
posted December 24 2013 12:45.40 by spic0m

Ian Johnston although he had already 2 power supplies in his workshop none of them would meet his expectations, so he decided to build one of his own.

"My workshop has a couple of bench power supply's, one is an old Farnell TOPS 3D 3-rail tracking job, and the other is a 3-rail CSI CSI3005XIII with Constant Current functions. The farnell is all analogue but has no constant current control, it has current limiting only. The CSI is good but doesn't allow you to preset the constant current setting and thats what I want.

So, rather than buy another PSU I thought i'd design and build my own, something thats directly suited to me, my workshop & projects........or is that just an excuse to have a damn good time!"

SPECIFICATIONS / MAIN COMPONENTS (subject to change as the design matures):

Dual channel 0-25vdc @ approx. 5A each (pre-settable CC), fully isolated and with independant voltage/current control.
Resolution = 10mV (across 0-25vdc).
10-turn pots for the main adjustments, and with a few pushbuttons for aux. functions.
Mosfet pre-regulator / Mosfet main regulator.
ACS712 Hall effect based output current sense IC (0-5A).
Arduino monitored/controlled.
Dual 128x64 backlit LCD's (large fonts).
Control board - Dual layer Pcb, 90% SMD.

[Link: Ian Johnston]

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