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This trash bin moves autonomously to catch your garnish [Tech]
posted February 15 2013 21:33.03 by Giorgos Lazaridis

How about if you had a trash bin that moves autonomously to catch your trash? The Smart Trash Can developed by Minoru Kurata does precisely this! When you toss a trash, the sensor detects the position and the direction of your trash (!!!), predicts the position that it will land and a wireless tells the trash bin where to move! Minoru Kurata is an engineer at a Japanese auto maker who won an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. He says:

The trash can has to move autonomously. To achieve that, I created a special mechanism, with a single axis for both the wheel rotation and the change in angle. So even if the wheels rotate, the position of the can itself doesn't change. That mechanism, the circuitry, and the motor controller all fit within the diameter of the can. If the center of gravity is high, the can will fall over, so I made the can low, narrow, and compact, to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.

The probability that the trash will go in is not very high, only 10-20%. Even making full use of the current sensor, it still has errors. So I'd like to improve the success rate. I want to either improve the sensor, or upgrade the control by reducing the error through a program.

He has already received inquires to turn this trash bin into a commercial product...

[Link: Diginfonews]

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