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Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer [Project]
posted January 4 2014 11:21.12 by spic0m

This project is an accelerometer data acquisition system for automotive suspension analysis. In other words it's a low frequency spectrum analyzer based on Lanchpad TIVA Series from Texas Semiconductors.
The system is based in 3 parts:
- the GUI (user interface),
- the hardware (core is a LM4F120 that is an ARM of Texas Instruments) and
- accelerometers (needed for vibration analysis).

The hardware contains two voltage regulators (3.3V, 5V), 8 connectors for AD, 1 channel for serial protocol, 1 channel for Bluetooth, and one reset button. System status is displayed using three LEDs and a one LED is for 5V power supply indication.

The main component is the ARM processor. The firmware, contains a FIR low pass filter with 75 Hz cutoff frequency , sample frequency is 512 Hz, 256 points FFT and Power Density Spectrum based on Welch Method.

[Link: Electronics Lab]

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