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This battery produces power since 1950
posted March 13 2011 19:40.15 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum in Romania has a rather strange invention well hidden. It is a strange battery, built by Vasile Karpen, and this pile has been working uninterrupted for 60 years. Nicolae Diaconescu, engineer and director of the museum says:

"I admit it's also hard for me to advance the idea of an over unity generator without sounding ridiculous, even if the object exists"

Unfortunately, the perpetual motion machine cannot be exposed, because the museum does not have the funds to install an expensive security system, and it stays secured in the director's office. The inventor said that this pile will work forever, and has been called "the uniform-temperature thermoelectric pile". It still works!

[Link: ibtimes]
Tags: perpetual   history   innovations   unsolved mystery   battery   

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