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The EGO BOX, a physical website visits display
posted January 24 2011 21:24.24 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Everyone that owns a website wants to know the number of visitors. Usually, people put counter scripts or subscribe to a service like analytics, but Bogdan from electrobob had another idea. He made a device that can connect to the internet and read data through ethernet, added 8 7-segment displays and put it to show the number of visitors of his site. The project is based on the ATMega8. The connection is done with the stand-alone Ethernet Controller with SPI Interface from Microchip (ENC28J60). To make it cooler, the device needs of no external power, as it steals power from the ethernet cable (router). Visit his website for the full documentation. Great Job.

[Link: electrobob]
Tags: internet related   avr   monitor   7-seg led   ethernet   microcontroller   diy   electronic project   

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