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The video of the day #12 - Cutting a speeding pellet with Samurai Sword
posted May 22 2013 19:29.47 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Splitting a bullet in half, the Samurai way...


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  • At 23 May 2013, 19:31:21 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @facts My guess is exercise and practice, a lot of practice. It may not be fake, this guy may have practiced a million times! After all, "practice makes perfect"

  • At 23 May 2013, 15:28:22 user facts wrote:   [reply @ facts]
    • yeah yeah but how do we know it's not faked?they are making a show there about "super humans" so they could invent some it they ran out of them if needed....
      I say this is fake because of the simple fact that a BB gun is not precise at all, so even it you were to aim at something it will never hit it twice in the same spot. so he would not be able to hit it with the sword even it he knew were that guy was gonna fire.....so he either can predict the future or it was fake or maybe luck after 1000 tries...

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