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Wireless outdoor Arduino weather station with PC logging and Graphs [Project]
posted November 7 2013 13:46.03 by spic0m

Zakie Mashiah wanted to have a log of outdoor weather with PC logging and graphs for quite some time now. There are such devices in the market but their cost is really high. So, he decided to build one by himself and enjoy the experience too.

Temperature, Humidity and barometric pressure measurement
No external power for outdoor sensors required (solar powered)
Wireless communication between outdoor sensor and PC
Full logging and reporting on weather information on PC
Relatively inexpensive and easy to build

Code is also available at https://github.com/zmashiah/arduino-StalkerV2WeatherStation

Components of the solution:
Arduino compatible Seedstudio Stalker board for remote sensors.
XBee based communication between outdoor sensor and PC
Solar panel and LiPo battery for outdoor sensor power
XBee Explorer connected to PC for communication reception
C# based PC application to store, report and graph all data

[Link: instructables]

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