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Free energy from Quantum Vacuum got a big NO-NO
posted January 26 2015 21:01.06 by Giorgos Lazaridis

There is this guy who claims that managed to light up 23 LEDs in parallel for 52 hours straight from a single AA battery cell. He also claims that each LED draws like 20mA. Taking into account that a typical red LED operates at about 1.9V for a full 20mA current, the total power required for the 23-sting of LEDs would be:

1.9 x 20 x 23 = 874 mW = 0.874 Watts

So far so good. But the energy required to run this strip for 52 hours at full power would be:

0.874 x 52 = 45.4 Watt-Hours

A typical Alkaline battery can provide an average of 2.6 WHours. This guy claims that the rest of the energy comes from Quantum Vacuum

Have fun watching Dave debunking this statement in his own unique way


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