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An Excellent Switching Regulator Circuit Collection [Document]
posted January 3 2013 16:35.41 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I was discussing with a friend of mine (_pike) for my next project which will be a 220V to 40 (or something like that) flyback SMPS using the mighty L6561 chip. I plan to use this in my CFL to LED lamp hack to get rid of that bulky transformer.

And then pike sent me an email with a plain text "I believe that this will help somewhere"... And an detachment. The attached file was an old but handy application note from Linear Technology, dated back in 1989. It has inside a load of different SMPS circuits with different topologies and power ratings. For beginners, this is an excellent document. Thanks [Panagiotis]

Here is the original link:
Linear Technology AN30

And here is a mirror link (in case that the original link is dead)
Linear Technology AN30

[Via: Linear Technology]    [Link: Linear Technology]

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