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Lego robot programmed to play Clash of Clans [Project]
posted January 20 2014 12:42.28 by spic0m

Clash of Clans is not popular because it has deep gameplay and thought-provoking story lines. It's really pretty straightforward - you build a city, generate resources, and attack other cities. It's so easy a robot could do it... and now there's one that does. A Lego Mindstorms EV3 bot has been programmed to keep the game chugging along with no human involvement whatsoever.

The system was developed by Mark Petzold, an electrical engineering professor at St. Cloud State University in central Minnesota. The robot doesn't really play the entire game- it's set up to make a pass across the screen every 20 minutes with its stylus and tap on the mines to collect gold. In between the collection runs, the robot taps on the screen to keep the game awake so the mines don't get full and the player makes more money.

[Link: Geek.com]

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