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Ants are SOME builders! This is how a colony looks from inside
posted April 14 2011 21:00.16 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Ants are indeed great builders. The dig deep and greedy into the ground, making unbelievably complicated structures, with ventilation paths, rooms and corridors. In order to reveal these structures, liquid cement was poured in an abandoned colony and left to dry. It took 10 tons of cement for the colony to fill!!! Then, the excavation began. Watch the following video which was uploaded by youtube user broodkiller and was brought to me by Pike in a forum thread. Thanks again [Pike]

[Via: pcbheaven forum]    [Link: broodkiller]
Tags: environment   animals   health & nature   unsolved mystery   revealed   extreme   

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  • At 15 April 2011, 9:45:04 user paiN wrote:   [reply @ paiN]
    • Amazing!

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