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An engineer's emergency kit business card [Card Hack]
posted December 9 2013 11:50.27 by spic0m

Circuit board business cards have been done. But since circuit boards are, literally, Saar Drimer's business, he felt that he needed one too. Of course it also had to be special.

The concept was to have throughole components embedded within the PCB and soldered lying down. The components -- two resistors, LED, NPN MOSFET, and a capacitor -- form a complete circuit so that when voltage is applied, the LED turns on.

It's meant to be an engineer's emergency kit. When all hope is lost, the MacGuyver engineer could snap out one of the components and save the day. Recall the countless times you desperately needed a 1 KOhm resistor to fix an amplifier at a party, only to see the girl you were trying to impress slip away with a programmer? Never again with this little kit. You even have 2 cm of solder in there to make sure the connection's electrically solid!

[Link: boldport]

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