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Maybe this is how Metal 3D Printers will Work [Technology]
posted November 18 2014 19:47.25 by Giorgos Lazaridis

What you're about to see is a 3D printer which prints metal on metal. The TU Delft team has followed the work from Open-source metal 3-D printer by the Michigan Technological University. This original prototype used a welder to combine sheets of metal placed in layers. The Delft prototype however uses the same technique as a plastic 3D printer: It feeds a metal wire from a spool to the welder which is then laid down layer by layer.

This prototype has a wire feed rate of approximately 300mm per minute. Sounds slow compared to a plastic 3D printer (around 10.00mm per minute) but hey, we're talking about metal here! The goal of the TU Delft team is to make an affordable 3D printer for the masses. And we're all looking forward!


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