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Car Mp3-Player with the Raspberry PI [Project]
posted January 14 2014 10:13.06 by spic0m

Sentcool decided that the ready made solutions for in-car music wasn't covering him so he decided to make one of his own.

"Everyone likes the Raspberry PI because you can do so much interesting things with it really easy. I ever wanted a own Mp3-Player with a nice display for my car and i tought that the Raspberry would be a good solution to start with. So i bought a Raspberry PI and some other parts to start with my project. After a bit of soldering, getting into the GPIO stuff and wiring all the components together i got the first problems with my project. I overcame all issues and have Listed you a complete tutorial do make this player so if you want to copy it of make a better version of it :) you wont have the same issues i had to build my geek device here."

[Link: Sentcool]

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