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Remote, Programmable, Controller for LED strips [Project]
posted July 22 2014 14:28.04 by spic0m

Boris Landoni writes about his remote programmable controller:

"This is what the system described in this article does: basically a controller for two groups of white LEDs or for strips consisting of warm and cold white LEDs, driven separately (we tried with this solution) in PWM mode, so to vary the individual luminous flux of the two components and obtain a light that is a mixture of warm and cold white, with the chosen shade.

The system consists of a control circuit for LED strips with remote control receiver, remotely controlled by a radio signal in the UHF band at 433.92 MHz using a standard TX; the transmitter is amplitude-modulated with four channels; with the buttons on the transmitter you can manage the channels individually: raise and lower the brightness of the different rows of LEDs with warm and cold light.

Since the transmitter is a standard commercial model based on the UMC UM3750 IC (an evolution of the classic MM53200 with 4.096 combinations with binary 12-bit encoding) we won 19t describe it; we will focus, instead, on the receiver/controller of which we will publish and describe the circuit diagram in the next paragraphs."

You can find all the details here.

[Link: Open Source Electronics]

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  • At 14 August 2014, 20:38:59 user mckhedekar wrote:   [reply @ mckhedekar]
    • Hi,Can I connect & control High Power LEDs in series e.g: 1 or 3 Watt, Thanks.

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