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If you think that astronauts float due to lack of gravity, think again
posted March 9 2011 21:51.36 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Here is something that most of us (including me) believe: Astronauts float in space shuttles due to lack of gravity. Right? WRONG! Think of this: Earth pulls moon with a HUGE gravitational force (enough to keep a moon into orbit), although moon is some 235,000 miles away. But space shuttles orbit at around 170 and 300 miles... Do you see the difference? Do you still believe that earth has no affect on astronauts?

And why do they float? Simply: they don't! The astronauts do not float, instead, they fall! Watch the next video and be amazed! 10+ for this video!

[Link: 1veritasium]
Tags: revealed   theory/tutorial   crazy story   space related   science   physics   

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