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The One-armed Bandit [Project]
posted July 3 2014 7:34.55 by spic0m

Vagrearg remembering his old learnings of 6802 microprocessor programming decided to make a more "modern" version of his old fruit machine project:

"The program I came up with was a One-armed Bandit (slot-machine) program on 7-segment displays. If I remember correctly, the dev-kit had 6 displays in a matrix, 4 to display address and 2 for data, and an 4x5 keyboard matrix for input and a speaker. Any user-code could take over the system and do whatever. The program was written in 6802 assembly and took up 2.3kByte of memory.

The large bin-of-components revealed I had lots of everything needed:

six 7-segment displays
an AtMega88PA
an ULN2003 driver
six buttons
a piezo transducer
resistors and capacitors

Two hours of soldering later I had a board capable of reliving old memories.
The system runs on 3xAA batteries which should last for about 24 hours of continuous play. The batteries hold several months when the system is in sleep mode. No real optimization has been performed to reduce power consumption. A later version may revisit that part in the firmware, especially sleep-mode power reduction could be improved."

[Link: Vagrearg]

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