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LEWE: the biometric wristband [Project]
posted February 6 2014 4:07.58 by spic0m

The Lewe project aims to collect and use available technologies to make a low cost idea that is applicable to all sectors using sensors for data collection. This project goal is the development of a communication protocol, named Jack, able to transport data reliably making communication between multiple devices easier and real-time.

All this could be found in a wristband that reads biometric to be sent via bluetooth to an Android smartphone and, through it, to an online cloud for data storage and organization.

In this experimental version, this project has been carried out by an Arduino Mega board that has a bluetooth shield, a RTC shield and a Color LCD shield; clearly this version is quite hulking, but we want to explain you how to make the application, provided that everyone can make his own hardware with an Arduino Mega like architecture (the diagrams of the Arduino board are opensource) and integrate everything into a single board or two, in a more compact fashion that can be worn thanks to a special container with a wristband.

[Link: Open Electronics]

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