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Control a CDROM Brushless Motor With Arduino [Project]
posted January 20 2014 12:36.34 by spic0m

A brushless dc motor or BLDC is a type of motor without any brush. It means that there is no direct connection (brush) between rotating spindle and other fixed parts like as coil. So the spinning is yield of changes in current direction of coil.
The spindle has a circular magnet (usually). And the coil is an electric controlled magnet itself. So by changing the poles of coil, you can turn the spindle.

Have you ever seen a BLDC? Yes, of course. There are many of them in every computer case.

Fan, CDROM and also Floppy drive (if you have yet) are devices that use BLDC. The fans usually use 2 phase motors with 2 pins for coil and 1 pin for Hall sensor.
CDROM or Floppy drive has 3 phase motor, with 3 pins for coil and 1 pin for Hall sensor.

The mentioned Hall, is a simple sensor to detect the current magnet pole of the spindle. Whenever a magnet reaches, it generates a signal. So you can use this pin to detect rounds of motor and also you can control the motor speed (RPM) by altering the signal speed according to this pin.

[Link: instructables]

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  • At 8 February 2014, 22:56:20 user MahmoudMS wrote:   [reply @ MahmoudMS]
    • Hi

      Could you please give more explanation.
      For instance, could you show exactly how did you wire the ciruit and the BLDC ?

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