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25 of the most expensive things in the world [Video]
posted January 15 2013 18:09.45 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Ok, i understand that a Ferrari can cost up to 35M dollars (that is 35 MILLION dollars), but a stretched piece of cloth covered nonsensely with paint like kid paints the walls of the house, costs, 140M dollars? DAMN!!!! And then a pair of Levis jeans costs 27.000 dollars? Are we out of our minds?

no no no no no... Worst case of human stupidity is a simple picture, so simple indeed that shows only the river Rhine, in Germany. A part of the river. And just the river. That's it. Some grass at its sides, the sky, the river. Period. End. Nothing more. How much it costs? 2 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Oh please mass extinction, come and put an end to this species...

[Link: list25]

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